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Amaya Concrete
Amaya Concrete


Amaya (25, Slovenia) started her career at the age of 17, and was immediately dubbed as one of the most promising voices in Slovenia. Her name quickly spread after she did her debut performance on a TV program called Hri-bar. People immediately reacted to her soulful sound and powerful stage presence. From there, she went on to participate in many pop and soul projects, as well as doing numerous performances with Big Bands and Orchestras throughout Europe. Then in 2011 she represented her home country in Eurovision Song Contest, scoring the highest position for Slovenia to date since the semi finals exist. That following year she released her debut album called Indigo under her real name.

One of the many highlights in her career was being personally invited by Kevin Costner to perform the award winning hit, “I will always love you”, at a private event he hosted. As well as being asked to perform at the 50th Film Festival in Karlovy Vary for the opening gala honoring Richard Gere, who was in attendance. Together with her fiancée Jonah Nilsson they sang on a private birthday party for Quincy Jones in Los Angeles. In 2011, she also received a Slovenian Grammy award for the upcoming Artist of the year and she was named A Slovenian od the year.

Even though she grew up in a village with 30 houses, she always dreamt of being on a big international stage. She was singing and performing for countless hours at home every day after school. After achieving much success in Slovenia, Amaya started to feel the consequences of Slovenia’s small music market and how hard it was to fulfill her dream and develop further in a place with very limited infrastructure, reach and even music genres. She wanted to explore and sharpen her craft even more so she decided to move abroad.

Then in 2012 she was accepted into a music program at the Rotterdam’s Conservatory of Music. Two years after she continued her studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. She quickly fell in love with Sweden and its fantastic music scene; feeling like this is exactly the right place to be. And soon, after taking up a more permanent residence in Stockholm, she began to write and collaborate with many successful Swedish producers and songwriters (Jörgen Elofsson, Anders Bagge, Andreas Carlson, Jacob Shultze, Andreas Öberg, Maria Marcus, Jonah Nilsson,…). That eventually lead to her writing on many occasions for the Asian pop market as well. In late April, 2017, she released her first Swedish collaboration with a singer/songwriter/producer Orphee Noah. They joined their talents and vivid musical imagination on a 6 songs long EP named Fairytales. Due to different interests they haven’t continued with the collaboration, both choosing a solo career instead.

Amaya is currently residing in Sweden where she wrote her new single “Concrete” which she premiered on Slovenian National TV.







30 Nov Tribute to Soul Medvode Corporate event/Kulturni dom Medvode
1 Dec Tribute to Soul Slovenske Konjice  Klub MC Patriot
4 Dec Amaya & Policijski Orkester Radovljica  Linhartova Dvorana
6 Dec Corporate Event Ljubljana Corporate event
7 Dec Corporate Event Maribor Corporate event
8 Dec Corporate Event Ljubljana Corporate event
9 Dec  “Toti Big band” + gosti Maribor  SNG
12 Dec Corporate event Grad Otočec Corporate event
14 Dec Amaya & Policijski Orkester Cerklje na Gorenskem  OŠ Davorina Jenka
16 Dec Amaya & Big Band Šmarje pri Jelšah  Kulturni Dom Šmarje Pri Jelšah
19 Dec Amaya & Policijski Orkester Ljubljana  Slovenska Filharmonija (corporate)
20 Dec Amaya Acoustic Ljubljana Corporate event, Dvorana Union
23 Dec Amaya & Pihalni Orkester Kapele Čatež  Velika Dvorana Čatež
28 Dec Amaya & SLADICA & DJ Zeds & Drugi Ljubljana / Cvetličarna


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